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Get your Navarro Savings Club card now!

For a one-time $9.99 enrollment fee*, you and all members of your household will become lifetime members in the Navarro Savings Club. You will receive a $10 Gift Card** that you can use for your next Navarro purchase. You also will receive 10% savings on over 1,500 Premier Value products.***

* The $9.99 fee will be added to the price of your first prescription.
** 10-14 days after your first prescription is filled, you will receive a coupon for a $10 Gift Card, along with your new Navarro Savings Club card. You MUST provide a full, valid address to receive the card and coupon.
*** 10% Premier Value discount does not apply to items paid for by a third party (such as OTC benefits).

Start saving today!
Average discounts of 15% on Brand & 53% on Generic drugs
Accepted at over 58,000 pharmacies nationwide
No limits on quantities, never any paperwork to complete
 NEW: Discounts of 10% to 75% on lab and imaging tests.
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Note: Please make sure your address information is correct before you click on "Print Card" as mistakes (misspellings, missing number) may prevent your permanent card from being sent to you. 

To download your temporary card, you must turn off any popup blockers you may have on your computer and you must have Adobe Reader installed. You can download Adobe Reader free by clicking the box at the top of the Card Information box.


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