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Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmacy Discount Program
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Pharmacy Discount Program?
The Pharmacy Discount Program provides discounts for its members at certain participating pharmacies for drugs and other healthcare supplies. You can save from 10% to 85% on the cost of both brand name and generic prescriptions immediately. You can also save on smoking cessation aids and diabetes supplies. This program is not a prescription insurance policy. Program members are obligated to pay for all healthcare services but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with the discount plan organization.

How do I find a participating pharmacy to fill my prescription?
To locate a pharmacy near you, simply enter the pharmacy name, along with state and/or zip code in the "Locate a Pharmacy" box on the Home Page. Remember to enter minimum search criteria:
1) State, or
2) Zip Code

You can also select the "Locate a Pharmacy" Tab at any time from any screen.

How do I know how much a particular medication will cost me?
To find out how much a drug will cost, follow these 3 easy steps.

Enter the name of the drug and the desired zip code in the "Drug Cost Lookup" Box on the Home page. (Hint: Don't remember how to spell the drug name? Typing the first few letters will also work.)
You can also select the "Drug Cost Lookup" Tab at any time from any screen.

Select the medication you want to look up from search results and then enter quantity, days supply required, and zip code.

Results will show your estimated cost, participating pharmacies in your zip code, as well as lower-priced alternatives, if available.

How do I find a generic alternative to my drug?
Drug Cost Look up results will show lower-priced alternatives, if available. Some drugs may not have a generic alternative. You may need to contact your physician to write a different prescription for the less costly medication.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my pharmacy discount program?
Contact phone numbers are located on your card.


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